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Poetry Ireland Introductions Workshop

April 12, 2010

I went to the Poetry Ireland Introductions writing workshop on Saturday, in the Damer Hall, beside St Stephen’s Green. Each attendee was meant to bring one poem to be workshopped.

It was interesting and intensive and I definitely learnt some new things that I can apply to my work, and certainly to the poem that was being workshopped.  The poet in charge of proceedings was James J. McAuley and he is passionate about the craft of poetry and was always alert to how a piece could be improved. The other attendees at this workshop were Peter Goulding, Martin Dyar, Jessica Colley, Andrew Caldicott, Niamh MacAlister, Andrew Jamison, Pauline Hall and Rosie Shepperd, and it was fascinating to see the varying styles we all have.

It was exhausting but I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time just discussing poetry and it was comforting and illuminating to see that everyone struggles with the craft and writes and re-writes and re-writes …

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